My Life on the Murder Scene

♀ 'bout that sad girl life. From Miami, FL. ♀

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I miss Alex

I knew I should’ve said no

I knew I should’ve just stayed home

Ugh fuck me

How am I supposed to get home?

Im nowhere near a bus stop

So many losers all over the place

Im terrified to go to sleep honestly

Don't do anything you would regret tonight (drugs)


No trust me after seeing the bs o saw tonight I’ll never even look at drugs again lol hell nah

I finally know what an actual crack house looks like

I want no part of this

Someone take me home

Wow so like… im stuck at this persons house

The fuck did I think letting Jenny’s friend take me home. She’s a total junkie freak


she wont take me home?????
I have no way of gettkng back????

Live a little?

Jenny: bitch im picking you up and we're going to the lezie bar
Me: sorry can't, Alex doesnt like when-
Jenny: ahahaha not an excuse anymore puta. You're single and im making you mingle
Me: fine. I'll go. But im not talking to anyone. And you're paying for my drinks
Jenny: yeah yeah shut up and get dressed. Live a little
  #oh god she's almost here  
I dont want to go out. I would really rather but nuzzled up against Alex tbh. But since thats not an option I guess im going out.
Can we have a femme celeste appreciation moment? God damn. I said god damn!


*blushes* omg thank you. I feel ridiculous but she said that I should “change it up” and this is all I had my closet.

I feel like a clown.


Only I can manage to be femme and still rock the combat boots

Only I can manage to be femme and still rock the combat boots